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Aug. 2011 Newsletter

Truth in Government Newsletter

August 5, 2011

Dear Friend,


America is bankrupt. The recent debt ceiling deal has failed to address the long-term fiscal solvency of the United States. What is more, the American people are being kept in the dark about the real numbers by politicians in Washington. When unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are accounted for, the real national debt is over $60 trillion -- this is fiscally unsustainable now, and even worse for our future.

The mission of Truth in Government

remains to strengthen our country's

financial foundation by promoting

fiscal responsibility, accountability and

transparency in Congressional budgeting, spending and financial reporting. Please join me in this effort! I ask you to consider supporting the mission of Truth in Government by making a secure contribution today. Any donation is greatly appreciated!


Joseph DioGuardi
President, Truth in Government

Resetting the Clock on a Ticking 'Time Bomb' -- America's National Debt

College Republicans National Convention 
Marriott Renaissance, Dupont Circle Hotel
Washington, D.C.  

Resetting the Clock on a Ticking 'Time Bomb' -- 
America's National Debt

On Friday, July 29, former Congressman Joe DioGuardi addressed the National Convention of College Republicans in Washington, D.C. DioGuardi emphasized the fact that when all of the federal government's liabilities are accounted for, America's real debt is over $60 trillion. In addition, DioGuardi called on young Americans to understand the full dimension of the fiscal crisis that threatens our country today and in the future. Finally, DioGuardi made clear that increasing the debt ceiling has done nothing to avoid economic catastrophe; it has merely "reset the clock" on a 'ticking time bomb' -- our national debt. 

About Truth in Government

Thank you for your support of Truth in Government. Please join us in continuing our mission to solve America's fiscal crisis.

We are dedicated to revealing what Congress has kept hidden for many years: how much money it really spends and how much money all of us taxpayers really owe. Truth in Government is a division of the Common Sense Educational Fund, Inc., a tax exempt, charitable/educational organization, classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, allowing your contribution to be tax deductible.

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In This Issue

August 5, 2011

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In his latest article, published on August 2 in Roll Call, former Congressman Joe DioGuardi stresses that the most recent debt ceiling deal does not even come close to solving America's fiscal problem. 

DioGuardi reveals the over $50 trillion in unrecorded liabilities for entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Finally, DioGuardi argues that the debt ceiling deal has merely reset the clock on a ticking 'time bomb' -- our national debt.

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August 5, 2011

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