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Joe DioGuardi Speaks at the Reagan National Defense Forum 2014

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Truth In Government is a public watchdog organization dedicated to fiscal responsibility in government through the promotion of honest budgeting, accounting, financial management and reporting practices by Congress and the Executive Branch.
Our 4-Point Plan

  • ​​Apply generally accepted accounting principles for government-wide use on the federal level.
  • Reform the current federal budget process to include a capital budget, and zero-based budgeting on a biennial basis.
  • Make the Chief Financial Officer's function an independent, cabinet-level position with a 15-year term.
  • Prepare independently audited, annual financial statements for the federal government that the average citizen can make sense of.
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The Truth In Government Agenda for America


  • ​Educate the American people about the role as taxpaying consumers of government goods and services through the funds our government taxes, borrows, and spends for them.



  • Demand accountability from our elected officials using the voting booth to implement:
         * Generally accepted accounting principles for the federal government
         * Uniform government-wide accounting systems and reporting practices
         * Professionally qualified Chief Financial Officers in all government
            agencies and departments
         * Independently audited, annual financial statements
         * A capital budget, and zero-based budgeting on a biennial basis
  • Safeguard our children's capital and the "American Dream" by being informed about the true state of our nation's fiscal affairs.



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